[Resensi] Dear Girls Above Me by Charlie McDowell

  • ISBN: 0307986330
  • Rilis: 2013
  • Halaman: 288
  • Penerbit: Three Rivers Press
  • Bahasa: Inggris

Based on the wildly popular Twitter feed Dear Girls Above Me, a roman à clef about how thinking like a couple of girls turned one single guy into a better man.

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After being unceremoniously dumped by the girl he was certain was “the one,” Charlie realized his neighbors’ conversations were not only amusing, but also offered him access to a completely uncensored woman’s perspective on the world. From the importance of effectively Facebook-stalking potential girlfriends and effortlessly pulling off pastel, to learning when in the early stages of dating is too presumptuous to bring a condom and how to turn food poisoning into a dieting advantage, the girls get Charlie into trouble, but they also get him out of it—without ever having a clue of their impact on him.


Berawal dari tweets-nya tentang tetangga baru yang sangat berisik, Charlie McDowell akhirnya membukukan pengalaman-pengalaman aslinya dengan kedua perempuan (dan beberapa teman mereka) berumur 20-an yang tinggal diatas kamar apartemennya. Mulai dari ketidakpentingnya obrolan mereka, sampai beberapa nasihat yang dilontarkan oleh mereka dan diambil oleh Charlie.

Setiap bab di buku ini– no scratch that. Semua paragraf di buku ini membuat tertawa terbahak-bahak dan tidak ada bagian yang membuat pembaca menjadi bosan.

Book Rate: 10/10

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